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Einar Gustafsson

Reykjavik, Iceland

Espresso and whisky drinking foodie that likes to run up mountains and swim in the cold ocean. Co-founder of Getlocal


BryndĂ­s Alexenders

Reykjavik, Iceland

OR specialist working in Fintech, mother of four wonderful girls, travelling somewhat but not enough, part time tennis & ukulele player, only enjoy great food and excellent wine


Sam Daniels

London, England

Sam is a London born writer/poet, ruled by an insane wanderlust and a passion for walking barefoot in the grass.


Viktoria Komjati

Budapest, Hungary

Blogger, traveller, outdoor adventurer. Hungarian, based in Iceland.

How does Getlocal work?

Recommend your favourites

Create lists with restaurants, bars, sightseeing stops, hiking routes or whatever you like.

Share your recommendations

Share your profile with friends and travellers who can find your lists and see your recommendations.

Make money from giving advice

Travel products are sold in context with your lists and we share the profit with you directly

Frequently Asked Question

No becoming a local or finding locals is completely free, we make our revenue from selling travel related products such s tours & activities, rental cars etc.
No not at all, We are only trying to provide good local advice. We won't ban you from normal communication but we don't facilitate that.
On your dashboard page (after you login) you will find a special sharing link that contains an URL to your profile. It also includes very important parameters that we need to track the sales that come through so make sure you include them when sharing on Facebook, Twitter or in an email. 
We will recommend some great products that people can buy and if they used your affiliate link (see above) we can track if a sale takes place through your profile. Your share of the sale will be 5% of the total value
Right now we just operate in Iceland but you can create a list for any country or any city. We will be working hard on setting up the proper business in other markets so please contact us if you would like us to consider yours.