Who are Getlocal?

Getlocal began life as an online travel agency, selling tours and experiences to people who were visiting Iceland. Our focus was simple, we wanted to replicate that feeling of visiting a friend in a new country. Getting to be a part of all the genuine experiences that came with having someone on the inside who could give you the hottest tips and knew all the best places to go.

Sure all the tourists love to go to that popular coffee shop on the main street, but the BEST coffee is in this tiny little cafe a couple of streets over and you probably wouldn’t even notice it if you didn’t know it was there.

As we grew our business it became really clear to us that the current website building tools on the market were insufficient for what we wanted to achieve… So we decided to just build our own. A fast and effective tool that would allow us to plug in directly to local inventory via inventory solutions such as Bokun and sell directly to our customers while also getting access to key e-commerce information that could help us make better-informed decisions and service our customers even better. Needless to say, the Getlocal platform was a hit and it wasn’t long before other companies started to take notice of what we were building.

This was the birth of Getlocal Travel solutions, A company and a platform that would allow us to help tourism companies all over the world achieve the same goals we had set out to achieve ourselves.

Now Getlocal is used by companies all over the world! And we are not done yet! We want to help the tourism industry to embrace online sales and be able to sell directly to customers, making travel a more magical experience for everyone. Every company faces multiple challenges and dealing with complicated technology in a fast-changing world is overwhelming at times but this is where we step in and help you take control.