What is Getlocal

Getlocal allows travellers to get local advice and recommendations from local people with similar tastes and interests. Locals recommend their personal favourites and hidden gems containing anything from hiking trails and restaurants to tattoo parlours and disco bars.

Getlocal is also an online travel agency that sells travel related products such as tours and activities. If a sale comes through a local's profile we share some of the revenue with them as a thank you for being a part of Getlocal


How does Getlocal work?

Recommend your favourites

Create lists with restaurants, bars, sightseeing stops, hiking routes or whatever you like.

Share your recommendations

Share your profile with friends and travellers who can find your lists and see your recommendations.

Make money from giving advice

Travel products are sold in context with your lists and we share the profit with you directly


Getting started

You can get started in just a few minutes, it's super easy and totally free. You start by creating your first list and then if you are happy with what you have created just click "Save this list" and we'll take you to the signup form.

Create a list

A list is a container for things you recommend, this can be anything from places with a location to items such as food or drink. Give your list a clear name that describes it's contents such as "Best restaurants" or "My favourite candy".

Add items to the list

Items are things that you recommend and these can be physical places such as coffee shops or items such as candy bars. For items with a location try our auto suggest search and we'll try to find it for you. You can also add physical items manually and skip the location. Then tell us in few words why you like or recommend each item. You can be detailed but we prefer short and sweet. We recommend adding about 7 items to each list.


You can sign-up either with Facebook (recommended) or sign-up using your email. Either way is up to you, we promise that we won't spam you or post anything on your wall.

Edit your profile

Add some text about who you are, upload an image and link to your social media accounts. This will help us understand better who you are thus helping us match travellers with your profile

Add a few more lists

We recommend having between 6 to 9 lists but it's totally up to you how many you would like to create. Remember you can choose a fitting photo for your list or upload one of your own images.

Share your recommendations

Now you can share your recommendations with friends, guests or anyone you think will enjoy it. Remember to copy the sharing link from your dashboard as it contains important information for us to keep track of sales that can come through your account.


Frequently asked questions about being a local

Does it cost anything to become a local?

No becoming a local or finding locals is completely free, we make our revenue from selling travel related products such s tours & activities, rental cars etc.

How do I share my recommendations?

On your dashboard page (after you login) you will find a link that contains an URL to your profile. It also includes very important parameters that we need to track the sales that come through so make sure you include them when sharing on Facebook, Twitter or in an email. If someone opens your link we will store them in a cookie for 60 days.

Will I get paid?

Yes we will recommend some great products that people book and if they used your affiliate link (see above) we can track if a sale takes place through your account. Your share of the sale will be 5% of the total value.

When will I get paid?

We will make payments every month and only on valid sales, so if a cancellation or some sort of reimbursement takes place then we can't pay for that. That's why we need to wait until after the travel date to do the magic calculations.

What countries do you operate in?

Right now we just operate in Iceland but you can create a list for any country or any city. We will be working hard on setting up the proper business in other markets so please contact us if you would like us to consider yours.